Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Parts List

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Parts List

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Parts List

Shopping list

Things you need for Raspberry Pi 3 B+

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The heart of any Raspberry Pi Project is the board. Amazing little single board computer. This is used in a few Raspberry Pi projects i have done that is soon to be published on this site.

Raspberry Pi B Plus

Raspberry Pi B Plus

I am using a 32g ScanDisk Ultra Class 10 for most of my projects. It really depends on what you are doing to how much room you need. Your SD Card must be class 10 for the Pi to run properly. I would Prefer to buy these locally or on Amazon myself. There are a lot of fake cards getting around (i have fallen for it). Sometimes the post office in Australia run good deals on these cards.

Micro sd card 32g

Power Supply

Power supply pack is 5 volts 3 amps. Make sure you order one to suit your country Power. I personal have had no trouble with cheaper ones.

Rasp Case

You need a housing to put your Raspberry pi into. I normally get the case in the picture above. Its below $3 Australian with free postage and good value for money. It can take a fan but i have found they tend to get noisy and fail. I have had no issues with this case with heat sinks.


Heat Sinks

I would strongly recommend using Heat sinks, especially if you’re going to be Processing hard and it helps extend the life of your Pi. I normally just use two on top and leave the bottom one off if it touches the case.


Depending on what you are doing to the Raspberry Pi. It has HDMI port audio, and RJ45 network port.

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